So I stopped, and looked at him, thinking how broken a person must be to be able to spread that brokenness in this world. Teaching the leaves to leave the tree, the flowers to perish and the light to disappear. Looking at him made me realize that the world is already a broken place to live in why bother to make it even more unworthy of all the lives? He stood there waiting for my reponse to his question, “why do you think this world deserves love?” Like a bell tolls in the highest towers of a city the same way this question kept ringing in my head. “Why does this world need love, indeed? When all people hold on to in their hearts is indifference? Why bother opening your heart and letting someone in for them to move out with all your pieces in the end? Why does one need love?” Knowing that I didn’t have any answer to his question he took a few steps back, turned away and left.

With the feeling of the very same jolt of unendurable pain in the body; increased feverishness and deliriousness, my mouth went dry and my mind, numb.

“One needs love because it’s the ultimate salvation to the shipwreck of a life.”