May 2016

Things you need to remember:

1. In our society, ideas of beauty are socially constructed. If you’re fat or lean, tall or short, people will always have something to say against you. Amidst all the criticism, you will have to believe that you are beautiful and the society doesn’t have a say in it. You are as radiant as the sun in the morning and as glorious as the moon on a summer night.

2. You are not a caged bird. Sure the people around you will treat you like one, but you need to realize how big and long your wings are. You need to learn to open them wide and soar in the sky.

3. Love finds you, you don’t find love. Believe in something called fate and destiny and stay away from people who don’t. Cynicism is never good for a sensitive heart. You need to believe that people were put in your life for a reason. And the reason is love.

4. Love with all that you have in you. Even if it means you lying awake at four, tears rolling down your eyes and an unbearable ache in your chest, honey you love. You don’t shut your heart just because somethings didn’t work out. No! How selfish would that be? You love because if you don’t yours will be a life wasted on people who couldn’t understand the true meaning of life. If the universe wanted us to be alone why would it make others. Stop believing that your heart is broken. It’s not. It never will be.

5. Maths and science wont help you when you’re lying on the bed trying to contemplate this meaningless life. Art helps. Music helps. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Art always helps. That doesn’t mean you pick up a brush and a canvas and become a artist. You find art in the small things and finding art in this world is very easy. You just need a right eye for it.


When you look in the mirror, look at that reflection carefully. Do you just see the scars and the wounds life caused you? No, you see a magnificent woman standing, smiling, in spite of the fact that the world knocked her down so many time. She’s standing and waiting for life to throw one of it’s moves at her, for she knows she’s been training and now she can take it.



I’ve always wanted to tell you what my favourite word was.

You see it’s the trail that lingers on in the air, when a person leaves.

For every time that you left, you left an untraceable series of thoughts in my mind, the magnitude of which I could not bear.

For every time that you left, you left a piece of the place we met at, in me, forcing me to go back and hold the time still.

For every time you left, you left a lingering scent in my nose which no rose, no cranation could ever replace.

For every time your arms embraced me while leaving me, you left your scales on my body, making me question why I started to look like you.

For every time I looked at you while waving you goodbye, my eyes started to pour out the unsaid words from my heart.

For every time you left, you left such unfathomable words inside of me, which no amount of pages could absorb.

For every time that you left, you left.

Do you want to know now what my least favourite word is?




Have you ever thought of how many faces you’ve crossed in your entire life?
Some of them you’ve crossed and never noticed, some of them caught your eye.

“Ooh, that lipstick on that girl, that hair does not suit that guy, how deep is his..dimple”.

Some randomly walked pass you only to reappear in your life. That one guy who escaped your attention, that one person who you didn’t know until you saw him seeing you.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? We walk by people who in 5 minutes, a month, two years could mean everything to us. We could be walking on the same pavement with ten other people, two of which could be our future best friends. You could be sharing an elevator with the guy you would end up with, but you never know.

There are so many faces in this world that sometimes you forget you’re one of them. Maybe you were there when someone proposed, maybe you’re in the back of a picture of a crying baby. Maybe you were the one who helped the old lady climb down the stairs. So many faces, so many people, just one life.

Funny isn’t it? How timing works? One day you’re minding your own business and the next day you could be changing the world with the faces that were unknown to you till now. Or you could be falling in love with a guy who claims to have noticed you so many times but you were too busy to look at the second floor of the college building.

People who say “timing is a bitch”, know a lot about life because it indeed is. There is a reason why we don’t want to remember every single face we come across. The faces once registered in our memory are hard to erase. The lining of the lip, the curly eye lashes, the smile, all of it is too hard to let go. Since we know that nothing here in this life is permanent, its better to not leave our hearts at the door of those big brown eyes.

When you come across a face which meant nothing to you once and now means everything to you. When you want to caress it with your hands, outline the eyes and the nose and the lips. When all you want to do is look at that face, not talk, not think, just look at it. And when you know that this face is going to be out of your sight soon. Soon you’ll forget the lining of his lips, or how wide his smile used to be, how his eyes twinkled with every joke and when the sun hit his face how beautifully would it glow. Soon you’ll want to forget all about his face but you’ll see his face in all the other faces you come across.

So are we all looking for someone in all the faces we pass by? Is that the reason why people just stop and look at someone, like trying to find some answers in them or trying to look for that hidden curve of smile.

Are we just faces that merely co-exist in this world?

Or are we all but one face for someone?

Picture credits : Berlin Artparasites.


I think I’ve been blessed with the power of opening my heart every time, to anyone, even after shutting it tight. I think my heart is like a house, where every fall a traveller comes, dusts off the remains of the previous traveller who stayed and makes a home there. The unknown traveller, explores the window-panes of my heart where the previous one leaned and sipped his coffee. This new traveller explores the unexplored parts of this house only to find himself acquainted with his own self. What’s hidden behind the locked door? He tries to open it with force. He tries to open it with a push, but the door opens with a touch of the winter breeze.

Every time someone knocks the door open, it surges with hope that this might be the person who stays for good. Maybe this time I won’t have to bury the remains of a person deep in the ground. But just as the water leaves the shore the traveller leaves the house, only to come back.

This house has seen many travellers come and go as they please and welcomed each one of them with open arms. The doors and the windows of this house don’t harden after one traveller leaves, for it knows the road will lead another towards it.

But the windows of this house long for another traveller to come by and open them to harsh and bitter cold of the winters. The windows ache for the touch of the cold breeze for it makes them strong.

The doors of this house wait to be opened again.

Once a traveller leaves, he doesn’t leave the door open for another. He takes the key with him.

But when another comes along, exploring the tightly shut doors and windows, trying to find a way to get inside, this house lets him in because just as the traveller longs for warmth inside the house from the chilly breeze outside, the house longs for the warmth inside the traveller from the snipping cold that every other traveller left in it.



Do you have someone you’d like to pour your heart out to?
Do you have someone who you thought of saying those three platitudinous words to?
Do you have someone who you’d like to shed all your skin and stand naked in front of and say, “this is all me”?
Do you have someone who holds your hand, while you read them your favourite poetry?
Do you have someone who not only knows your favourite song, but sings along with you?
Do you have someone who after a night of squabble, reaches to you in the morning, touches you gently, like the sun rays touch the ground in the morning and says, “I want to hold you close like the spring holds on to it’s flowers.”
Do you have a person in your life who beams with pride every time you achieve even a small thing?
Do you have a person who cries every time you cried while watching you cry?
Do you have a person who not only watches sappy movies with you but enjoys them because they give you happiness?
Do you have a person who is like the first drop of rain on your face when you’ve been in scorching sun for too long?
Do you have a person in your life who will cook you breakfast, probably burn it a little and watch you eat it?
Do you?
If you do, I ask you to hold on to them.
Hold on to them, like a newborn clutching to his mother’s finger and never letting it go
Hold on to them so tight that your skin blends into theirs like red blends into blue and makes magenta.
And like the sky blends into the sea and then there is no end.

Picture : Berlin Artparasites.

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