April 2016

What happens when love knocks on your door not once but twice?


You sit there one summer afternoon sipping your coffee, flipping through the pages of your favourite magazine and then, suddenly there is a faint knock on the door.
A knock which sounds familiar somehow as if this knock has been resounding inside your house and your heart for a long time.
The knock which sounds like the perfect balance of perplexity and tranquility.
The question “who could it be?” enters your mind but you are well aware of who is behind the door.

You have been there. You have got up from your chair, opened your door and welcomed love in with your arms outstretched.

You have made yourself comfortable in his arms just to be left deserted in the lingering effects of his presence.

You have been naked with him. You did not just rip your clothes off, but every shred of your soul laid in front of him, for him to walk all over it.

You have spilled every secret, shown every scar, got him acquainted with every demon that resided in you, for him to use it as a leverage against you when the times got hard.

When the storm arrived, you tried to stop the levee from breaking single-handedly, with all that was in you but the storm pushed pass you.

You have tried making him your home, just to realize that people cannot be a home for other people, they’re merely a stop on the road to rest your eyes, not your heart.

You have tried turning him into the ink spilled on the pages of your diary, only to wash away the words you wrote, leaving you empty and blank just as before.

So, what happens when you hear the knock, but you already burned the door?

You walk towards the door, with flinching fingers turn the door knob and come face to face with the one who was standing behind the door but is right in front of you now.
There is no door in between to shield you from your utmost vulnerability.
You take a few steps back, nod and say “welcome back”.


Things I Would Do For You

1. You know that I am not a morning person, you know how much I hate my alarm ringing over my head, but I’d wake up just to give you a wake up call because you asked me to.

2. I have my side on the bed. If I don’t sleep on the right side, my OCD acts up. But I’d give it up for you because you feel hot on the left side.

3. If you ever have a rough day at work, you know I’ll be there with your favourite food and beer ready. I won’t just say “it’s going to be okay”, I’ll try and make it okay.

4. I’ll make you a list of all the good qualities you have and proudly put it on the fridge for you to read after you’ve had a round or two with your boss and feel worthless.

5. You know I have a fear of heights but if bungee jumping exhilarates you, I’d jump off the tall building for you, because before you I had a fear of falling in love too.

6. If you finish your ice cream first, I’ll Let you have some of mine despite of the fact that I hate sharing food.

7. If you ever feel the whole world’s weight on your shoulder, I’ll draw you a bath and get in it with you.

8. If I ever say words that hurt you, I’ll give you some time and then remind you of how much love I have in my heart for you. And how a fight will never one up my love for you.

9. If you say you don’t want to be near anyone, including me, I’ll leave the room but sit by the door because I know, you might need me.

10. For every time you felt any less of a man because of this sick society, I’ll make sure to remind you twice a day of what a beautiful man you are, inside and outside.

And for every bruise and scar, I’ll be there to make sure you treat them like war wounds, with pride.
Because you are the man I love because of the scars. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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