Screenshot_2016-01-12-19-48-34-1.pngLet us all pretend for a second that we don’t belong to this world. Let’s just say that this world here is a mixture of people from the outer space which are just better at hiding their real identity. Maybe there are no aliens in the outer space, maybe all of them are here, living in a disguise. Maybe all the people here were meant to be somewhere else but they just happened to be here. Maybe they were supposed to go to Saturn and the spaceship just took a wrong turn. Wouldn’t that explain a lot about how people behave when faced with any type of circumstances. Maybe this world is new to them, maybe they haven’t been able to get accustomed to it yet. Maybe all the hurt and disappointments mean nothing to them because they mean nothing to them in their own world or maybe it means more to them. Wouldn’t that explain why some people feel more deeply about things than others. Maybe when the sun sets in this world, two more rise in their own. Maybe the stars align different there, maybe the moon doesn’t have any flaws. Maybe the windows talk about the endless sunsets seen through it and maybe the doors talk about leaving. Maybe the books there fly in the air and there are no shelves to captivate them. Maybe the beds sing songs about nights spent in it, in happiness and in vain. Maybe the life there is a little different from what we have here. Maybe love means totally different there than it means here. Maybe people talk in music and not in words there.

Everyone walking on this earth is living a different life, a life different from what is here, a life of their own, a life in their heads. Wouldn’t that explain why some people go absolutely crazy and some live in absolute peace.