Every evening I sit in the balcony staring at the sky and thinking how it changes. So fast. So often.
The sun sets, vanishes and then all there is left is a beautiful pink hue. This is what I have learned from this, the sun represents every person you have ever loved and lost in your life and you are the sky. The sun is every person that walked in your life and made your life bright. But as soon as they left, there was this emptiness, the same emptiness that the sky experiences when his beloved sun sets. Most of the people see a great affliction in the sun leaving the sky.
What they fail to see is how beautiful the sky is left as soon as the sun disentangles itself from the sky and leaves it to fully and with open arms embrace the night. Sometimes people leave you which is a good thing, for it was time for them to leave. But you’re not empty. You are the pink sky and though there is beauty in that bright yellow sun, somewhere someone is sitting in the awe of the pink sky that happened when the sun left.